A View on Powerful Exchange

For the first time in 384 years, the University of Utrecht will be live broadcasting from the Academy building. On September 10, 2020, at 16:15 CET the inaugural lecture of Professor Klomp will take place.

In a 45-minute lecture, Dennis will be accepting his professorship by sharing his personal quest in tuning precision imaging for patient care. Using cancer care as an example, he will reveal engineering endeavor to detect five different nuclei for enabling metabolic imaging instead of detecting one. He is going to show us how to incorporate 224 receivers in a clinical MRI for imaging physiology, how nerve stimulation can be mitigated by allowing 25-fold faster switching of spatial encoding to save time and cost in health care and why stronger fields up to 14T are needed. In his lecture, he will show that powerful exchange between different professions lead to impressive results like improving efficacy of chemotherapy.

Prof. dr. D.W.J. Klomp