NICI consists of an international, multidisciplinary consortium of nine partners from five countries in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Italy and UK

Project coordination and management

All administrative, coordinating and managing tasks for the NICI project are carried out by the University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands. However, scientists from UMCU also work within WP 1, 2 and 3.

  • Dennis Klomp

  • Marit Zimmerman

    Project Manager
  • Merel Sondervan

    Project Manager
    • Wybe van der Kemp

      Postdoc NICI
      • Ria Forner

        • Lieke van den Wildenberg

        • Boudewijn Burgering

          • Catalina Arteaga de Castro

            Consultant development of whole body high field MRI protocols
          • Maarten van Leeuwen

            Consortium Partners

            Amsterdam UMC (AMC)

            • Hanneke van Laarhoven

              Leader Workpackage 5
              • Aart Nederveen

                MR Coils

                • Michel Italiaander

                  Leader Workpackage 2
                  • Martijn Lunenburg

                    • Fabian Bartel

                      • Lysanne Post

                        Project Administration

                      Philips Medical Systems Nederland

                      • Freddy Visser

                        General Electric Deutschland

                        • Guido Kudielka

                        • Rolf Schulte

                          GE Contact, metabolic applications

                          Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet NTNU

                          • Siver Moestue

                            • Tone F. Bathen

                              Leader Workpackage 1
                            • Maria Grinde

                              Post Doc WP1 – preclinical biomarker discovery


                            • Michela Tosetti

                              Coordinator WP3
                              • Gianluigi Tiberi

                                • Giacomo Aringhieri

                                  • Alfredo Falcone

                                    • Guido Buonincontri

                                      MR Physicist
                                      • Davide Caramella


                                        The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Cambridge

                                        • Chris Rodgers

                                          Leader Workpackage 4
                                          • Saba Shirvani

                                            Siemens Healthcare Limited

                                            • Craig Buckley

                                              • Lulius Dragonu