Meta Scan, Spectrum
UMC Utrecht, AMC Amsterdam, Radboud UMC Nijmegen, UMCG Groningen, LUMC Leiden
Meta Scan, MRCoils, Tesla, Philips, NWO




Monday 15 February 2016


A NWO-grant of 4 million euro’s has been rewarded to the UMC Utrecht for the realization of world first ultra high field magnetic resonance scanner dedicated for metabolomics: the Metascan. In a large public-private collaborative effort, principal investigator Dennis Klomp, together with researchers from Leiden, Nijmegen, Groningen and Amsterdam, this new device will be used for the in vivo early detection, prognosis and therapy prediction in patients. The scanner will integrate a number of important innovations, resulting in a compact, clinical ultra high field MRI scanner for high definition imaging (morphology) and spectroscopy (metabolism). The system will be tuned to the proton, fluorine, phosphorous, sodium, carbon resonances which will open several new windows to study metabolic pathways in patients. Three companies are partnering with this consortium for the design and development of the platform (Tesla, Philips and MR Coils) which will take approximately two years before the clinical applications will start. The platform will be part of the Center of Image Sciences of the UMC Utrecht.


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